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About Us

GreenReportCard.org is the first interactive website to provide in-depth sustainability profiles for hundreds of colleges in all 50 U.S. states and in Canada. Information is based on extensive research conducted for the  College Sustainability Report Card.

The Report Card is designed to identify colleges and universities that are leading by example in their commitment to sustainability. The aim is to provide accessible information for schools to learn from one another's experiences, enabling them to establish more effective sustainability policies.

A tool for students

The Report Card also serves as a tool for high school students in selecting a college and for college students in improving sustainability  on their ca mpu s. F or more information on different uses for the Report Card , visit the  Get Involved section.


Independent evaluation

The Report Card is the only independent sustainability evaluation of campus operations and endowment investments. Published by the Sustainable Endowments Institute, a special project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors , it assesses 300 public and private colleges and universities with the largest endowments.


The profiles of 300 schools were created using information gathered through independent research as well as through voluntary responses from school administrators to three surveys. In total, 290 of the 300 schools (over 96 percent) responded to at least one survey.


Thorough assessment methods

Grades were determined by assessing performance across 43 indicators in nine main categories. Each school received a copy of its profile for fact checking before grades were determined. For more information on the survey process, response rates, and evaluation criteria, please see Methodology .


A free public service

The GreenReportCard.org website and the College Sustainability Report Card are provided to the public free of charge. Furthermore, there is no cost to schools for inclusion on the website or for Report Card research.


The Sustainable Endowments Institute and the College Sustainability Report Card are supported through grants from foundations and by donations from generous individuals.



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Sustainable Endowments Institute

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Frequently Asked Questions

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In total, 290 of the 300 schools (97%) responded to at least one survey.
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