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Apply for inclusion in the next Report Card.

The Sustainable Endowments Institute is offering the opportunity for all institutions of higher education in the United States and Canada to be included in next year's College Sustainability Report Card.

The College Sustainability Report Card has generated more than 750,000 website visitors in the past two years and is the only independent evaluation of sustainability in campus operations and endowment investments. It has the highest response rate of any college sustainability ranking or rating. Last year, 318 of 332 schools (96 percent) responded to at least one Report Card survey.


SEI announces Green Report Card sabbatical                May 10, 2011

The Sustainable Endowments Institute is pleased to share news about a promising collaboration among the leading college sustainability surveys: AASHE's STARS program, Princeton Review, Sierra Magazine, and SEI's College Sustainability Report Card. All four organizations have issued a joint statement about the initiative:

"The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE.org), The Princeton Review (PrincetonReview.com), Sierra Magazine (SierraMagazine.org) and the Sustainable Endowments Institute (GreenReportCard.org) have launched a collaborative effort to improve the process of collecting sustainability data from higher education institutions. For the first time, the four organizations are working together to develop common sustainability survey language. The intent of this initiative is to encourage survey participation from an even broader range of institutions, while at the same time reducing college and university staff time required for data collection and survey completion."

In order for the Sustainable Endowments Institute to work on this project and to have adequate time to revise our survey process, there will be no Report Card survey distribution or collection this summer and no Report Card published in fall 2011. As the collaboration progresses, we will continue to update the website with more information about the timeline for the next edition of the College Sustainability Report Card . For more information, please contact SEI at  Apply@greenreportcard.org .  


As the following list indicates, inclusion in the Report Card can provide benefits in the areas of admissions, campus operations, development, public relations, and student engagement.

Admissions: More high school students are taking sustainability into consideration. Sixty-three percent of 10,300 college applicants recently polled by the Princeton Review stated that a college’s commitment to the environment could affect their decision. The interactive GreenReportCard.org website is designed to be user-friendly for high school students in their college selection process.

Campus Operations: The Report Card can increase recognition for sustainability programs as well as provide feedback on areas in need of improvement. The Report Card can serve as a powerful tool in identifying and advocating for new sustainability programs through benchmarking with peer institutions.

Development: Alumni are keenly interested in supporting improved sustainability policies. The Institute has been tracking a dramatic increase in the number of schools using environmental sustainability as a key message to inspire increased alumni donations and participation rates.

Public Relations: The GreenReportCard.org website has received more than 750,000 visitors to date. The Report Card has also generated more than 1,000 articles in national and local media, frequently drawing attention to sustainability programs at specific schools. National media coverage includes reports by the Boston Globe, BusinessWeek, Chronicle of Higher Education, Chronicle of Philanthropy, CNN Money, Forbes, New York Times, New York Times Magazine, PBS, and USA Today .


Student Engagement: The Report Card has inspired increased awareness and involvement by students at hundreds of schools. The Report Card has been used in first-year orientation programs, numerous academic courses, and by thousands of students seeking a better understanding of sustainability programs at their school. The Report Card also features a category specifically about student involvement in sustainability issues.


All higher education institutions in the United States and Canada may apply for inclusion, and any member of the university community (staff, students, faculty, administration, alumni) may submit an application.  Since research and analysis of sustainability programs at each school will result in increased costs, we request a $700 donation in order to provide complete coverage of your school in the Report Card. Grant assistance is available to schools that have a demonstrated need.


Applicants may contact Apply@GreenReportCard.org with any questions related to the inclusion process.


Apply now



The Sustainable Endowments Institute will not provide any preferential access or treatment to individuals or institutions that provide funding through this process. Furthermore, the Sustainable Endowments Institute will publish the name of the sponsor on the Report Card profile page for that institution. By submitting this application, you agree to not try to influence the outcome of the Report Card research or evaluation. Any refunds after payment is submitted are at the sole discretion of the Sustainable Endowments Institute.




The Sustainable Endowments Institute announces exciting new collaboration with AASHE's STARS program, Princeton Review, and Sierra Magazine for the next edition of the College Sustainabilty Report Card.


Email Apply@GreenReportCard.org with questions about the application process


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