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Get Involved

Ideas for Alumni

Just because you are no longer on campus doesn't mean that you can't stay involved.

If you live near your alma mater, you may be able to serve on sustainability committees relating to campus operations or endowment shareholder practices. Check your school's Report Card profile in the administration and shareholder engagement categories to find out if your school has similar committees. 


Ideas for students

Pomona's organic garden. Photo courtesy of Pomona College.

If your college or university is one of the 300 schools in the Report Card, contact the alumni relations/development office and let them know how you think they're doing on sustainability. If the school's Report Card leaves room for improvement, try to encourage learning from peer schools with better sustainability programs (and better grades).


When making a contribution to your university, ask if there is a way to target your gift to directly support sustainability initiatives. If not, suggest that the school join the growing number of institutions offering this option.


For more ideas, read Co-op America's article on Six Ways to Green Your Alma Mater .




Contact your alumni office and tell them how you think the school is doing on sustainability.
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