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Report Card 2007

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Endowment Transparency


The Endowment Transparency category looks at how colleges control information about endowment investment holdings and shareholder proxy voting records. In accordance with the academic tradition of fostering a free flow of information, universities are encouraged to apply similar openness to endowment investments. Access to endowment information is necessary within a college community to foster constructive dialogue about opportunities for clean energy investment, as well as shareholder voting priorities.


Leading by Example

The Endowment Transparency "A" List is a group of 6 schools that earned "A" grades. Below is a sample of four very different institutions that all earned "A" grades. These summaries are based on data from each school’s profile page.


Dartmouth College ’s Advisory Committee on Investor Responsibility (ACIR) produces an annual report containing information about every shareholder voting recommendation. The report is available to the school community and to any interested outside party on the College’s website. Any Dartmouth community member can view a hard-copy listing of all publicly traded shares that the College directly owns by visiting the school’s investment office.


Purdue University ’s proxy voting record and a list of endowment holdings are made available to the university community and also to the public. This information is emailed to individuals upon request.


The University of Texas  states that the open records law requires proxy voting records and a list of endowment holdings to be available to the public. This information is emailed to individuals upon request.


Williams College ’s proxy voting record is available on a password-protected website, and at the investment office or vice president’s office, to members of the college community, such as faculty, staff, students, and alumni. A list of investment holdings is also available to the university community at these two campus locations.



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