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Report Card 2007

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As a project of the Sustainable Endowments Institute, the College Sustainability Report Card would not have been possible without the commitment of many individuals and organizations. Some were a source of ongoing advice and support, while others were involved directly with bringing this initiative to fruition.


Since our founding as a Special Project Fund of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, we have benefited enormously from the visionary guidance of RPA Senior Vice President Douglas Bauer. From the start, Walter Corey and Richard Romeo—attorneys, civic leaders, and good friends from Maine—have also provided wise mentoring and invaluable assistance.


As the Institute has grown, members of our outstanding Board of Advisors have continued to offer their expertise in many aspects of higher education, sustainable development, corporate governance, endowment policy, and fiduciary responsibility. We deeply appreciate their gracious willingness to share experience and insights that are so vital to the work of the Institute.


We especially wish to thank those who have provided generous financial and moral support to the Institute: Energy Action, Foundation for Civic Leadership, Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, Roy A. Hunt Foundation, Rudolf Steiner Foundation, and several anonymous donors. While these foundations, organizations, and individuals did not have direct involvement in the Report Card project, they have helped advance our endeavors in sustainable endowment research and outreach.


A terrific team of research fellows undertook much of the preliminary research on the Report Card. We are grateful to David Byer, Ryan Dunfee, Lucas Tate, and Claire Williams, who brought enthusiasm and talent to help forge a new understanding of sustainability in higher education. Senior Research Fellow Jenna Smith’s cheerful passion for excellence and grace under pressure helped overcome challenges and weave together an impressive collection of data.


We appreciate the hard work of the graphics designer and editors who ensured that the graphics and text were accurate and effective. Jamie Hunt’s Of Balance design studio focuses on the interface between design and the environment. His creative eye and keen skills produced a compelling design and an accessible presentation for the reader. The clarity of the text was enhanced immeasurably by the knowledgeable, caring, and dedicated work of editor Lisa Goodman, as well as by the constructive criticism of wordsmiths at EcoMotiva.


We are particularly grateful to the many college and university officials who took time to respond to the Institute’s emailed questionnaires and phone inquiries. Their feedback contributed greatly to the accuracy and completeness of this report and helped assure that their respective schools’ policies would be better represented in the profiles.


The Institute regrets any possible omissions or misinterpretations of the data that was collected independently or that schools provided. Naturally, we welcome additions or corrections to the school profiles and intend to update the Report Card, as posted on our website, with necessary changes and adjustments in grading before going to press with the print version.


While the inspiration for the College Sustainability Report Card can be traced to many sources, we would like to acknowledge the dedication of those who are committed in their work and in their lives to making sustainability an integral part of higher education. Of course, any errors or oversights are solely the responsibility of the Sustainable Endowments Institute.



Mark Orlowski

Executive Director
Sustainable Endowments Institute

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