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Report Card 2009

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Shareholder Engagement


The Shareholder Engagement category examines how colleges conduct shareholder proxy voting. As investors, colleges have an opportunity to actively consider and vote on climate change and other sustainability-related shareholder resolutions. Forming a shareholder responsibility committee to advise the trustees allows schools to include students, faculty, and alumni in research and discussion of important corporate policies on sustainability. In addition, such committees offer exceptional educational opportunities at the intersection of policy, business, and sustainability. Points were awarded to schools that had formed such committees as well as for past votes on sustainability-related proxy resolutions (when such records were available).


Key Findings

  • Approximately one in nine schools has an advisory committee on shareholder responsibility. Eleven percent of schools have a committee of multiple stakeholders (e.g. students, faculty, staff, alumni) to help inform the trustees’ decisions on shareholder proxy resolutions.


  • The average grade for the Shareholder Engagement category was “D-.” For a summary of grade distribution for this category, please refer to the chart on the right.  




Grade Distribution



Approximately one in nine schools have an advisory committee on shareholder responsibility.
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