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Report Card 2010

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The Sustainable Endowments Institute has relied on the talent and generosity of many people to develop the College Sustainability Report Card 2010 . This Report Card is a demonstration of their commitment to advancing sustainability in higher education.

We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Stephen Heintz, Michael Northrop, Benjamin Shute, Jessica Bailey, and Naomi Jackson at the Rockefeller Brothers Fund for believing in our vision when it was still just an idea, and for helping to provide early and ongoing support. Doug Bauer and Gage Weekes at Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors have played unique roles in generating insightful suggestions, as well as in providing effective and efficient administrative mastery.

We have benefited enormously from the foresight offered by Martin Kaplan, recently retired from the V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation, who saw the opportunity to expand our work to a much larger audience and provided the resources and ideas to achieve our goals.

We are particularly grateful to Vince Stehle at the Surnda Foundation for his valuable suggestions. The Surdna Foundation provided the financial resources to move GreenReportCard.org from an abstract concept to the website that you now see, including an expanded and improved website this year.

Under the visionary leadership of Lance Lindblom, the Nathan Cummings Foundation has taken the initiative on advancing shareholder engagement, as skillfully implemented by Laura Schaffer, as well as on funding environmental programs, as fostered by Peter Teague.

The Kendall Foundation made our current and future efforts significantly less daunting by identifying and helping fill our need for a larger research fellows program.

We also wish to thank all of our individual donors for their belief in our mission and our work, many of whom have contributed their encouragement, humor, and wisdom in addition to their financial resources. Scott McDonald and Tiffany Schauer have helped empower our efforts at a critical juncture.

We are especially fortunate to have a dedicated and outstanding board of advisors. Neva Goodwin, Doug Bauer, Bob Monks, John Chandler, Peter Kinder, Ian Simmons, Aimée Christensen, Chuck Valdes, Gordon Winston, Ben Bolger, Walter Corey, and Steve Viederman have been great mentors, friends, and collaborators since the Institute was founded.

We would also like to acknowledge Jeff Cook for his sage insights and practical guidance. Jeff's fresh perspective and creative resources have enhanced our reach and impact.

We appreciate the hard work of the graphic designers and editors who ensured that the images and text were accurate and effective. Jamie Hunt’s Of Balance design studio focuses on the interface between design and the environment. His creative eye and ability to ascend seemingly insurmountable obstacles have served us well over the years. The clarity of the text was enhanced immeasurably by the knowledgeable, caring, and dedicated work of editor Lisa Goodman, as well as by the constructive criticism and ongoing dedication of wordsmiths at EcoMotiva.

Eric Shelkie and Eric Karjaluoto at smashLAB deserve special commendation for taking on the ambitious GreenReportCard.org project with an even more ambitious time line. Their creativity, patience, and attention to detail were exceptional as we worked through countless challenges together. No wonder Time magazine included them in "The Design 100," the people and ideas behind today's most influential design.

The 2010 edition of the Report Card would not have been possible without the invaluable work of each member of our research team; their exceptional talents and occasionally heroic deeds are at the foundation of the Report Card’s success. Associate director Elizabeth Ginsburg and senior research fellow Ali Adler are brilliant individuals whose dedication is energizing. This year’s research team, including Sarah Armitage, Cameron Bruns, Rebecca Caine, Sean Diamond, David Fisher, Chryslyn Pais, Susan Paykin, Lizzy Stephan, Laura Wetzel, and Sophie Wolfram, was a wonderful and gifted group. Communications team members have proven to be motivated, skilled, and persistent. They include senior communications fellow Lisa Chase, along with communications fellows Cameron Bruns, Lea Lupkin, Chryslyn Pais, Susan Paykin, and Bethany Rogerson.

We have also benefited from the work of other individuals to whom we would like to offer our appreciation. Noam Yuchtman's masterful analysis reflected his vital expertise and personal commitment to higher education. Thanks to Rebecca Bogdanovitch for coming on board early and providing assistance with important projects at key points. Maribeth Bunn Kaptchuk's talented support helped infuse this project with positive energy and balance.

Beyond words, images help tell the story, and we wish to express our gratitude to all the schools that provided photographs for their profiles and for other parts of the website. In addition, the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, kindly offered the botanical watercolor images.

The Institute regrets any possible omissions or misinterpretations of the data that was collected independently or that schools provided. We invite any additions or corrections to the school profiles and intend to update the Report Card with necessary changes and adjustments.

College and university leaders who commit their limited resources to making sustainability an integral part of their schools make our work significant. This group of leaders is growing each day. We offer our sincere thanks for your dedication, especially to those of you who took the time to respond to the Institute’s lengthy surveys and phone inquiries. We hope that this Report Card gives you additional tools and inspiration to advance change and sustainability at your institution.

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