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Report Card 2010

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College of the Ozarks
College Sustainability Report Card 2010

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College of the Ozarks

School details:

Endowment: $353 million as of June 30, 2008

Location: Point Lookout, Missouri

Enrollment: 1,501

Type: Private


Campus Survey: No

Dining Survey: Yes (see response)

Endowment Survey: No

Student Survey: No


Data compiled from independent research. For information on data collection and evaluation, please see the Methods section.

Overall grade  
D -
The college has no known policies or initiatives relating to campus-wide sustainability.
The college has not made public any steps taken to address energy efficiency or conservation possibilities, and has not made any known headway toward the use of renewable energy.
The college spends 2 percent of its annual food budget on local items, and sources from a local dairy. Excess food is donated to a local food shelter. The college has achieved a diversion rate of 15 percent through the recycling of aluminum, tin, cardboard, paper, and some plastic items.
The college has no known green buildings or a green building policy.
The college has no known active programs to involve students in campus sustainability activities. There are no known active student groups related to the environment and sustainability.
The college has not made public any programs or practices that encourage or facilitate the use of alternative forms of transportation.
The college makes neither its proxy voting records nor its list of endowment holdings public. This information is only available to trustees and senior administrators.
The college aims to optimize investment return and is exploring, but not currently invested in, renewable energy funds or similar investment vehicles.
The college asks that its investment managers handle the details of proxy voting.
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