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Report Card 2010

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Dickinson College

Student Survey

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With the publication of the College Sustainability Report Card 2010, more than 1,100 school survey responses from over 300 institutions are now available online. In total, these surveys offer more than 10,000 pages of data collected from colleges and universities during the summer of 2009 . To access surveys from other schools, go to the  surveys section  of the website. To see grades, or to access additional surveys submitted by this school, please click the "Back to Report Card" link at the beginning or end of the survey.


Name and Position (in student organization):

Compiled by: Kate Consroe, Sustainability Coordinator, Dickinson College

Completed by: Andrew Kamerosky ‘10, Facilities Liaison, Center for Sustainable Living (the Treehouse)

Kerstin Martin ‘11, President (2008-2009), Earth Now

Carrie Evans ‘12, President (2009-2010), Students Interested in Sustainable Agriculture (SISA)

Date survey submitted:


1) Please describe the student-run campus environmental/sustainability organization in which you have a leadership role.

1. Name of organization: Center for Sustainable Living (the Treehouse)

Number of active members: 14

Website: http://www.dickinson.edu/storg/treehouse/Treehouse_jump_page.html

Date of last meeting: May 17, 2009

Frequency of meetings: weekly (Sundays during the semester)

Key issues addressed and programs implemented since August 2008: General environmental awareness, anti-plastic water bottle campaign, and local foods awareness

Progress made on each issue/program since August 2008: Several successful events (attendance well above expected attendees) and outreach into the local community through additionally well attended events


2. Name of organization: Earth Now

Number of active members: 12

Website: (out of date) http://www.dickinson.edu/storg/earthnow/     

Date of last meeting: April 27, 2009

Frequency of meetings: weekly

Key issues addressed and programs implemented since August 2008:

Global environmental awareness

“World Climate Banquet”- an informational dinner co-sponsored by Dickinson’s German Club, Club ASIA, Russian Club

Campus environmental awareness

“Camping on the Quad”- an on-campus campout to reduce energy use

EarthFest- an annual outdoor spring festival with vendors, speakers, and music

Wild and Scenic Film Festival- co-hosted Patagonia’s film program with Dickinson College’s Outing Club, Students Interested in Sustainable Agriculture, the College Farm

Hiking and other informational films- organized activities for students to get more involved and interested in environmental protection and action

Networking with other colleges

Attended Power Shift 2009 in Washington, D.C.

Hosted students from Bucknell University and Middlebury College to exchange ideas

Progress made on each issue/program since August 2008: events were well attended


3. Name of organization: Students Interested in Sustainable Agriculture (SISA)

Number of active members: 15

Website: http://www.dickinson.edu/storg/sisa/campus.html

Date of last meeting: April 15, 2009

Frequency of meetings: Biweekly

Key issues addressed and programs implemented since August 2008: Awareness about issues related to food, sustainable agriculture, and food systems through engaging events such as:

Weed and Feeds: weekly opportunity for students to help with weeding and harvesting at the College Farm, followed by tasting of produce

Local Foods Dinner: annual all-campus event featuring food from a variety of local farms and dairy operations

Workshops: Offered in the week leading up to the Local Foods Dinner on a variety of food-related topics, such as baking bread

Harvest Fest: annual event celebrating a successful harvest, with local food, local bluegrass band, and contra dancing

Progress made on each issue/program since August 2008: successful and well attended events



2) Does your group organize any sustainability challenges/competitions for your campus and/or with other colleges?

Center for Sustainable Living

[X]  No
[  ]  Yes. Please list details for each competition.

Earth Now

[X]  No
[  ]  Yes. Please list details for each competition.



3) Does your student government include a specific position or committee dedicated to campus sustainability issues?
[  ]  No
[ X]  Yes. Please describe:

The Environmental Liaison for Student Senate is a standing student senator appointed by the Student Senate President who meets with Dickinson SAVES (Society Advocating Environmental Sustainability) to discuss concerns raised by both Student Senate and the student population as a whole.  Additionally this student is tasked with helping to develop and address any ideas relating to environmental sustainability that the Student Senate pursues.  


4) Please describe any additional campus sustainability activities or projects that you or your group has initiated at your school:

Center for Sustainable Living :

Installation and maintenance of a 1/10 acre native sustainable meadow:  Planted two years ago, the Treehouse weeds, replants, and manages this meadow to ensure that the plants comprising the meadow are plants native to the Carlisle area.  Additionally the remaining grass yard is mowed by push mower and has no chemicals applied to it.  This has led to an initiate within Facilities Management to allow the native grasses in other parts of campus to grow wild, creating additional meadows and to mow other law areas less often cutting back on carbon emissions.

Backyard organic gardening and permaculture:  During the spring the Treehouse readies seedlings to be planted in its four small garden beds to provide produce for students living on campus over the summer and for the next semester’s residents.  This has led to the desire of students outside of the house to pursue similar projects elsewhere on campus.


Earth Now

Helped organize activities and advocated lifestyle changes for first-year students living in the Environment, Science, and Sustainability First-Year Learning Community


Students Interested in Sustainable Agriculture (SISA)

Help promote the weekly on-campus farm stand in the student union building during the early fall; help promote the prepared salads and hummus from the College Farm available in one of the on-campus cafes

Assist community members with growing produce at the Community Garden

Participate in EarthFest (annual festival organized by Earth Now)


5) Please list and briefly describe any other student-run organizations related to campus sustainability at your school, and provide URLs if available (e.g., student groups; student government committees; student-run food co-ops, gardens/farms, bike co-ops) and provide contact information of the student leaders, if possible:  

Dickinson College Outing Club


Students for Social Action (SSA)



Questions 6 is for informational purposes only; your response will NOT be included in the Report Card evaluation process.


6) Please list any regional or national networks with which your group is affiliated (e.g., Energy Action Coalition/Campus Climate Challenge, Sierra Student Coalition, a state PIRG, a state student sustainability coalition): 

Center for Sustainable Living


Earth Now

Sierra Student Coalition

Students Interested in Sustainable Agriculture (SISA)




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