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Report Card 2010

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Fairfield University
College Sustainability Report Card 2010

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Fairfield University

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Endowment: $200 million as of June 30, 2009

Location: Fairfield, Connecticut

Enrollment: 4,189

Type: Private


Campus Survey: Yes (see response)

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Data compiled from independent research. For information on data collection and evaluation, please see the Methods section.

Overall grade  
Fairfield University completed its first greenhouse gas inventory in 2009. The Campus Sustainability Committee implemented an Energy Star appliance purchasing policy and is forming partnerships with a local bicycle shop to provide discounts to students. A website details the university's sustainability efforts.
The university installed a closed-loop geothermal heating and cooling system at the Jesuit Community Center. The university has a 4.6-megawatt combined heat and power plant, which is expected to decrease the university's carbon emissions by more than 10,000 metric tons per year.
Fairfield purchases local dairy products, fair trade coffee, and some organic produce and bakery items. Customers are given a discount on beverages purchased with a reusable mug. The university uses its waste fryer oil to produce biodiesel, and landscaping waste is composted.
Fairfield has a green building policy. The Kelley Center is furnished with carpet tiles, access flooring, structural steel, and ceiling tiles made from recycled materials. It also features energy-saving up-lighting and an under-floor air system. Low-flow toilets and urinals have been installed in all student residences.
The Student Environmental Association organized an Earth Week celebration to raise student awareness of environmentally friendly lifestyles. The Green Campus Initiative works toward making Fairfield an environmentally sustainable university. The university also has two green living houses on campus.
The university currently offers a free shuttle service into town seven days a week and to local retail locations on Saturdays; the shuttle service uses a hybrid electric bus. The university is implementing a car-sharing program during the fall 2009 semester, and both the director of maintenance and the university fire marshal drive hybrid vehicles.
The university makes a list of all holdings available to the public online. The university does not make its mutual fund shareholder voting records public.
The university aims to optimize investment return and does not invest in renewable energy funds or community development loan funds.
The university does not have the ability to vote proxies, as the entire endowment is invested in mutual funds.
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