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Report Card 2010

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Tulane University

Dining Survey

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With the publication of the College Sustainability Report Card 2010, more than 1,100 school survey responses from over 300 institutions are now available online. In total, these surveys offer more than 10,000 pages of data collected from colleges and universities during the summer of 2009 . To access surveys from other schools, go to the  surveys section  of the website. To see grades, or to access additional surveys submitted by this school, please click the "Back to Report Card" link at the beginning or end of the survey.


Name:   Jeanne Charlebois      
  District Marketing Manager
Date survey submitted:

1) Total annual food budget:

Note: Geographic location and seasonal availability are taken into account in assessing your response. "Local" is defined as within 150 miles of your campus.
2) Do you have any formal policies pertaining to local purchases?
[  ]  No
[x ]  Yes. Please describe and provide URL, if available: At one of our most popular restaurants, Le Gourmet, all options are organic, local and/or sustainable. http://green.tulane.edu/campus-dining.html

Our produce distributors are contracted to purchase 100% local produce from local farmers, whereas our prime distribution house does import produce to enable the ability to offer a variety of produce to our customer base.  With New Orleans being located in the South, much of our produce is sourced locally due to the climate with the exception of bananas, etc.

Sodexo has a local purchasing policy for produce.  In our contracts, we require produce companies to source fruits and vegetables from the same state or geographic region.

Additionally, we require all vendors to follow the Sodexo vendor Code of Conduct covering the following areas: child labor, forced labor, wages and benefits, working hours, health and safety guidelines, freedom of association, non-discrimination, disciplinary practices/coercion, environmental guidelines, community involvement, ethical standards, conflicts of interest and communication.             http://www.sodexousa.com/usen/citizenship/diversity/suppliercode/suppliercode.asp

Questions 3-5 pertain to locally grown purchases.
3) From how many local farms or growers do you purchase (excluding on-campus farms/gardens)?
[ #    ]  Number from which you purchase directly.
[ #13  ]  Number from which you purchase through a distributor. Please specify name and location of distributor: Capitol City Produce, LA


Bimbo's Best

New Roads

Bergeron Pecan Co.


Eubanks Produce


Faust Farms


Anthony Liuzzia Farms


Mike LeFleaux Farms


E & E Farms

Belle Chase

Joseph Ratanaza Farms

Belle Chase

Fanny Plantation


La Rose



J & B Blueberries

Jerry Jisclair

Jack Liuzzia Farms

Christina Monica



4) How much do you spend annually on purchasing food that was grown or raised locally?

5) Please list foods you purchase that are grown or raised locally (e.g., fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, milk, fish, honey, maple syrup; foods that are processed locally should be listed in question 8):  


Roma Tomatoes

Klin Dried Sweet Potatoes




Mustard Greens



Louisiana Satsumas

Red Fish

Sweet Potatoes

Bell Peppers




Milk – (local) Brown’s Dairy, LA

Yellow Squash


Tomatoes – local or organic dependent upon cost

Inland Seafood: shrimp, tuna, crab meat, lobster meat, tilapia filets $195.00/wk

Lettuce Chopped Romaine

Mushrooms Portabella

Peppers Red Bell

Potatoes Yukon  Gold

Sprouts Alfalfa Pesticide Free

Fresh Strawberries

Apples Granny Smith

Broccoli Florets


Lettuce Organic Mesculin

Mushrooms Portabella

Mushroom Button

Squash Yellow Straightneck

Squash Zucchni


Celery Sleeved

Onions Red Jumbo


Fresh Garlic Peeled



Questions 6-8 pertain to locally produced and/or processed items .
6) From how many local processors do you purchase?
[ # 4  ]  Number from which you purchase directly.
[ # 7  ]  Number from which you purchase through a distributor.  Please specify name and location of distributor:

7) How much do you spend annually on purchasing food that was processed locally?
[ 3% ]

8) Please list items you purchase that are processed locally (e.g., bread, granola, ice cream, baked goods, yogurt, cheese):   
Brown’s Dairy, LA

La Louisiane, LA

Sweet Potatoes – Bruce Foods, New Iberia, LA

Ventura Oil, Opelousas, LA

Tabasco, New Iberia, LA

Zapp’s Chips, Zapp’s, LA

Pecans, LA

Domino Sugar, Chalmette, LA

Tony Chachere’s, Opelousas, LA

Manda Andouille

Gumbo, red beans and rice, soups, John Folse

9) Do you purchase milk from a local dairy?
[  ]  No
[x]  Yes. Please provide name of dairy and location: Browns Dairy, Baronne Street, New Orleans, LA

Dairy is contracted by Sodexo with regional dairies and most milk is procured within 150 miles.  The exception is with deficit states where the demand outweighs the production.  Regionally contracted dairies are antibiotic and rBGH/rBST free. 

10) Do you source any food from an on-campus farm or garden?
[x]  No
[  ]  Yes. Please describe source and amount:

We plan to incorporate the Tulane student farm food into our dining offerings this coming fall on a special event basis.

11) Do you participate in a farm-to-school program?
[x ]  No.  But plan to this fall 09.
[  ]  Yes. Please describe program: garden

12) Do you have any formal policies pertaining to the purchase of organic and/or sustainably produced food?
[  ]  No
[x]  Yes. Please describe and provide URL, if available: We purchase from United Natural Foods and  Albert’s Organics (UNFI) http://www.unfi.com/UNFI_Green_Initiatives.aspx?ekmensel=d6ba9a56_34_158_btnlink
Sodexo has agreements with regional and broadline distributors that provide organic and sustainably produced foods available to all accounts for purchase.  As of July 2009, Sodexo has made the following commitments with an achievement date of 2015.

-100% of the fish and seafood we serve will be sustainably caught and raised.

-100% of the farm and ranch products we serve will be responsibly grown from local and sustainable producers.

13) Do you purchase organically grown or produced food?
[  ]  No
[x]  Yes. Please list items:

Mission Tortella Wheat Wrap

Oinions Yellow Med.

Sprouts Mung Bean

Sprouts Wheatgrass 1 Tray

Grapes Seedless


Honest Teas

Odwalla Smoothie

GTS Kombucha (synergy) OG

Pom Won Tea

Pomwon 100%Juice

Guyaki (ALL)

Steaz Energy Drink

Steaz Sparkling Soda Drink

Steaz OG Tea

Lorina Sparklings

Mix 1 (ALL)

Mix 1 Hi - Antiox Fibr

Izzie Bottle Beverage


Walaby Yogurt Down Under

 Ogval Cheddar Organic

Ovgal Colby Organic Yellow

Ovgal Muenster  Red Rind

County L Cheese Pepper Jack

Ogval Stringles  OG

Ogval Stringles Cheddar OG

Ogval Stringles Colby Jack

 Ovgal Sharp Cheddar Organic

Cobblest Cheese Cheddar Slic

Ogval Monterey Jack OG

 Ovgal Baby Swiss

Thumann 2 pack sandwich

Horizon Cream Cheese

Meditarien Hummus

Bobbi Hummus

Zachee Hummus Snackpack

Myenbg Goat Milk Cheese Jalp

Eggs Whole Ckd pillow pkd

Bufwng Level 2 Hny Mstrd Hosr

Season Cheddar Curls Lite Hot

Gensoy Chips Light

Little Bear Ched Puffs Org.

Little Bear Popcorn OG 50%

Annie Micowavable Mac & Ch

Kettle ChipsBaked 100 calorie

Kettle Chips(All)  2oz

Kettle chipsBackyard BBq 2oz

Kettle Chips Salt Ground Pepp

Kettle Chips BBQ 15oz Bag

Kettle Backyard BBQ Chips

Kettle Krinkle Classic BBQ

Kettle Tusan 3 Cheese 5oz

Kettle Chips  Tortilla OG Blue

Kettle Chips Tortilla OG Yellow

Kettle Krinkle Chips Dill & SR

Kettle Chip Chipotle

Kettle Baked Hickory Honey BBQ

GRNMNT Tortilla Stripes OG

BLDRCH Kettle Chips Spin.

BLDRCHChips  Parm Garlic

BLDCH Chips Jalpho. Chedd

Newmans Raisins

Garden Chips OG Baked Yellow

Terra Kettle Arrabiata Chips

Arico Cassava Chips Org.

GDHlT Veggie Chips

Pogos Snacks,Hickory Smkd

Sotos SQ,Multi GR Cinn ST

Glenn Soy Crisp Cool Ranch

Glenn Soy Crisp Olv/Garl&Feta

Gensoy Sweet Crisps Chocolate

Gensoy Sweet Crisps Cinn Stre

Gensoy  Soy Crisp Onion

Gensoy Soy  Rich Ched Ches

GensoyCrispy Dipper Light

GDHLT Hummus Chips Red Pe

Zapps Dirty

Stacy Chips(All)1.5oz

Garden WG Pita Chips OG

Garden WG Pita Chips RST Gar

Garden WG Pita Chips Sea salt

Garden Pretzel O Garlic

Glutin Pretzel Sticks

Mulini Italian Crackers OG(ALL)

Eden Crackers Mochi (Nori Maki

Terra Crinkles Candied Sweet

Terra Chips sm

Terra Exot Hrvst Veg SW Onion

Backto Granola (All)

Glutin Chewy Bar OG Choc. Ba

Sesmrk AG Crackers,Gar Hum

Blue-D Thin Cracker Ched

Blue-D Thin Cracker Ranch

Robert’s Pirates Booty Sna

Robert’s Pirates Booty Multi Pack

Robert’s Veggie Booty’s

Medora Pucci Pizza Snack Garlic

Milt Snackers DF French Onion

Sensib Pita Bites Pizzetta Ita

Heavens Btr Cookies Florentina

Heavens Btr Cookies Rasbry

HV Mini Cookies OG Choc. Chp

Calbree Crisps (All)

Guppies Cheddar

Dessert Pepper (salsa)ALL

RDEND Dip Mild Nacho Chees

Bear N Granola Peak Protein

Bear Trail Mix Cont BLD

Bear N Granola Heavenly Choc.

Bear N Granola Banana Nut

Bear N Granola Yumberry Goji

Dalfor GMT on the Go 3Bean

Dalfor GMT on the Go GRN BN

Ian’s Mix To Go Og Rodeo

Betty’s Krispy Bites WF GF

Dogwood Brownies(ALL)

HV Soup 14 Garden Veg FF

Wodstk Trail Mix OG

Wodstk Apricots OG

Wodstk Gummy Cubes

Wodstk Banana Chips

Wodstk Mango Slices

Wodstk Pineapple

Wodstk Papaya

Wodstk Pisachios

Wodstk Cashews

Wodstk Mixed Nuts

Wodstk Wasabi  Peas

Wodstk California Supreme

Wodstk Dark Choc Almonds

Wodstk Dark Choc Raisins

Wodstk Milk Choc.OG

Wodstk PB Pretzels

Wodstk Choc.Pretzel

Wodstk Yogurt Pretzel

Wodstk Tropical Fruit Mix unsul

Wodstk Tropical Delight

Wodstk All About Almonds

Wodstk Tamari Delight

Wodstk Veggie Chips

Wodstk Jelly Pebbles

Wodstk Yogurt Almonds

Wodstk Yogurt Cranberries

Wodstk Yogurt  Raisins

Wodstk Pretzel Rasberry

Wodstk Cranberries Sweet OG

Wodstk Cape Cod Cranberry

Wodstk Soynuts

Wodstk Sesame Sticks

Wodstk Mix Rice Cracker

Wodstk Apple Slices OG

Wodstk Apple Rings Unsulphure

Wodstk Dates Deglet w/Pit

Wodstk Cherries Red Sour Tart

Wodstk Outrageously Chocalat

Wodstk Dried Blueberries

Wodstk Yoguart Splendor Mix

Gdhlt Peanut Pretzels Unsltd

 Cliff Luna Tea Cakes

   Cliff Bars

Kind Bars

Kind Plus Bars

Alvaro Bagels(ALL)

Glutin Bagels Cinn.

Garden Bread OG Bible Pita

Brent & Sam Cookies OG

FDGOOD Tortilla Chips(ALL)

Mrs Lee Dinner Cheeseburger

Annie Sourcream Bunnies

Kashi TLC Crackers ASIAGO 16oz

Kashi TLC Crackers Med B 6oz

Realemon Lemon Juice

Devon Melba Rounds (ALL)

Gdhlt Peanut Pretzels

Gdhlt Apple Chips

LizLov Cowboy/Cowgirl Cookie

LizLov  GNGR SnapdrgnsCookie

LizLov Mochadmia MTN

Arico Cookies OG (ALL)

Thou Latke Crisp Zesty

Bare Snackimals OG Snckdoole

Nana Cookies

Nana Bites  Cookies (ALL)

Double beef jerkey(ALL)

Turkey Jerkey

Frtabu Smooshed Fruit OG

Funky Dried Fruit

Bare Drd Fruit (ALL)

Endang Bug Bites

Newman Cranberries

Newman Dried Apples

Hain Crackers OG Rich Wheat

Hain Mini Rice (ALL)

Hain Carrot Chips

Lundbg Rice Caramel

Lundbg Rice cake Apple

Sahale Blend Valdotsa(ALL)

Galgrn Meteorbites (ALL)

Green & Black Impulse (ALL)

Loacker Snack wafers Dark Ch

Odwalla bars

Garbanzo Fancy Bean

Olive Kalamata Pitted

Nasoya Vegi-Drsing Thous Ilan

Mayo Lite

Golden Italian Dressing

Ken’s Dressing Balsam.Pouch

Cheltn Vinager Balsamic OG

Annchn Soba Noodles

Argo Corn Starch

Eddies Veg,OG Bowtie

Edens Vegetable Spiral OG

Nerest Couscous Herb Chicken

Bergern Nut Pecan Halves

Macro Hunan Dumpling

Macro Vegan Dumpling

Kikkoman Crumbs Japanese


Sweet Leaf Teas

Tazo Iced Teas

Tofutti Cream Cheese(All)

Oval  OG Cottage Cheese      

Axelrd Sour Cream

Meditr. Hummus(ALL)

Silk Milk

Silk Nog OG

Silk Soy YGRT,Blueberry

Stnfld Smoothie OG Straw

Stnfld Squeezers OG Straw

Stnfld Yogurt,OGStrw/Cream

Vitasy Soy Milk OG Unswt.

Danactive Probiotic Strawbe

Lisant Muncheeze Stick Mozz

Silk Soy YGRT,Banana/Strw

Ogval Egg Whites

Ogval Aseptic Milk single Ch

Ogval Aseptic Milk single Str

Newman Fig Newtons

Newman Choc/Van Cookie

Deluxe Shells Aged Wis.

Annie Mac & Cheese Mico

Shredded Oat Cereal

 OncePeanut Butter OG salted

Cscade Frt Spread OG Strw

Rite Lite Rounds low fat

Puffins Crnchy Corn Cereal

Kashi Heart to Heart Blueber

KashiGolean Crunchy Cereal

Kashi Granola Mountain Mele

Kashi Golean Inst. Oatml

Backto Granola Cranberry

UDI's Granola Cranberry

Golean CrunchyAlmo Cereal

Annchn Express Bowls(ALL)

Annchn Express Sushi Wrap

Back To Mico Cups Mac & Ch

Thai Rice,Ndle Bowl Lmn.Ch

Thai Rice,Ndle Bowl Mushrm

Guilt Dessert Bowls (all)

Rice Noodles Garl.Veg Pack

Rice Noodles Thai GNG&vg

Noodle Cart Pad Thai

Gmt on the Tuna Pasta

GMt on the Veg & Pasta

Glutin Crackers

Glutin Breadsticks Pizza Flvd

Glutan Biscuits Choc.Chip

Madhou Potato Chip Mesq.

Lundbg Rice Cakes Cinn

Newman Choc/Pbtr Creme

HV Healthy Tart Strawbry LF

Amys Salsa OG(All)

Wodslk Applesauce OG

Clvita Olive Oil

Carrots Crunchy Pickled

Biontr Pasta Og Spaghetti

Biontr Pasta Og Penne Riga

Bufwng Level 2 Hny Mstrd HP

Goappt Cool Soup

Midel Bite Size OG Snicker

Midel Honey Graham Cracker

CNTRYC Cookie OG Oatmeal


Newman Pasta Marinara

Kashi OG Promise Straw Ce

Kashi Golean Cereal Cruny

Kashi Golean Cereal HNY

Hwelth Egg Rolls Spin. Tofu

Kashi Chicken Sweet & Sour

Vegplu  Drumstks Chkn Curry

Vegplu Sparerib Cutlets Citrus

Van's Sandwich BEC

Van's Sandwich ESC

Van's Sandwich Wstrn E&C

Burrito OG Bean/RiceCh.

Burrito OG Bean/Rice.

Burrito OG BLK. BN Veggie

Nate Mini Tacos

Ians Fishstick

STIR Fry OG Thai

Lasagna OG Tofu Vegetable

Enchilada OG Cheese

Spring Rolls Mini Chix

 Cscade Frozen Brocc.

Amy's Pckt Broc.&Cheese

Amy's Pckt Cheese Pizza

Amy's Pckt Spinach Pie

Amy's Bowl OG Stuff.Shells

Amy's Stir Fry Asian Noodle

Amy's Mex. Casserole

Amy's Country Chedd. Bowls

Amy's Teriyaki Bowl

Amy's Pot Pie Broc. & Chee.

Amy's Pot Pie Country Vegg.

Amy's Pot Pie Mex. Tamale

Amy's Pot Pie Spinach Pie

Mandarin Chix. Rice

Chix Nugget w/ Broc.

Aplegt. Chix. Nugget

Boca Chix. Nuggets

Boca Chix. Nuggets Meatless

Boca Burger American Class

Micheal Roasted Veg. Las.

Ians Cheeseburgers

Ians Chicken Tenders Italin

Nate Taq. Beef style veg.

Nate Taq Chix. Style veg

Ians French Toast stick

 SeedsCreamy Spinach Las.

Ravioli Cheesy Pizza Mini

I Baking Cookie Dough

GLTNFR Cookie Dough Snic

Amy's Snacks Spinach Pizz

Amy's OG Brown rice bowl

Amy's OG Pesto Tortellini

Amy,s Veggie Burger

RedFRK Pizza Dep Chkn Sa

Ethnic Eggplant Bhartha

Michael Eggplant Rolletini

Aclaro Pizza Ultra Thin crust

Alexia Mozz Stix

Alexia Tuscan Panini Grill Ch

Alexis Tuscan Panni Grill Stk

Amy's Bowl OG Sante Fe En

Aplegt. Chix. Stripes OG

Cscade Broc. & Carr.OG w

Discui China, SWt , Bf & Brc

Garden Bible Bread Pita

Garden Meatless Riblets

Hwelth Munches Broc, Tofu

Hwelth Pizza Bagels Mini FF

Ian's Fr BRD Pizza OG

Kashi Pockets (All) Varitey

K&S Pretzels Stuffed Mozz.

Wholly Cheesecake Bites

Gfcafe Asian Bowl GF

Gfcafe Fett. Alfredo GF

Gfcafe Lemon Basil Chicken

Gfcafe Pasta Primavers GF

Amy's Ravioli OG Che W/SC

Michael Baked Eggplant Par

Michael Chicken Parmesan

Putney Ravioli Butternut Squas

Alexia Baguette Garlic Twin

Alexia Mushroom Bites

Freebd Chicken Wing BBq

Freebd Chicken Wing Buf Stl

Mac & Cheese OG

Lasagna OG  Cheese

Kahiki Entrée TSO Chix w/rice

Ohana Won ton OG PNPL

Wodslk Mangos Frz.

Putney Ravioli Portobella

Kashi Waffles OG Lean Blue

Micheal Chicken Alfredo OG         . Las.

Terra Chips Blues

Terra Cringles  Candied Swe

Terra Med. Chips

Terra Red Bliss Fine Herbs

Terra Chips Zesty Tomato

Terra Yukon Gold Salt & Ving

Newmans Salted Pretzels(Al

Pirate's Booty

Arico Cassava Chips BBQ

Garden Chips Blue Red Hot

Arico Avocado Chips

Garden Baked Blue Tort

Garden Redhot Corn Tort

Cliff Bars(All)

Newman's Mint Crème

Cliff Mojo Bars

Luna Bars (ALL)

Fruit Leathers(ALL)

Flfrt Pocket to Go Blbry

Flfrt Pocket to Go Gusst

Flfrt Pocket to Go Nuggt

Flfrt Pocket to Go Pouch

Flfrt pocket to Go Stick

Flfrt Pocket to Go Stwby

Frtabu Fruit Rolls OG Straw

Gensoy Protein Bars

Enjoy Cookies

Kind Bars(ALL)

Vegan Bars

Back To Cookies Mini Van.

Back To Cookies Choc. Chks

Barb Rite lite Rounds OG

Cscade  BarsCinn & Oats

Cscade Bars Choc. & Frt.

Gdhlt Chips Avocado BBQ

Gdhlt Chips Guppies

Gdhlt Pnut Bttr Filled Pretz

 Kashi Golean Bars

Lundbg Rice Cakes

Nana Cookies

Shady Waffle Cookies

14) How much do you spend annually on organically grown or produced food?

For questions 15-19, please indicate percentage based on annual dollar amount spent.
15) Do you purchase cage-free eggs and/or confinement-free meat products?
[ x]  No
[  ]  Yes. Please indicate (repeat for each product).
[   %]  Percentage cage-free eggs

[   %]  Percentage confinement-free. Type of meat product:

[   %]  Percentage confinement-free. Type of meat product:

 Sodexo has agreements with regional and broadline distributors that provide cage free egg and pasture raised meats.  It is up to the account/client if they want to pay for the increased costs and purchase the product.


16) Do you purchase any grass-fed animal products?
[x ]  No
[  ]  Yes. Please indicate (repeat for each product).
[   %]  Grass-fed. Type of animal product:
[   %]  Grass-fed. Type of animal product:

 Thumann’s Meat – pricier line

 Sodexo has agreements with regional and broadline distributors that provide grass fed products.  It is up to the account/client if they want to pay for the increased costs and purchase the product.

17) Do you purchase hormone- and antibiotic-free meat?
[  ]  No
[x]  Yes. Please indicate (repeat for each product).
[ 75%]  Percentage hormone- and antibiotic-free. Type of meat: Thumann’s Meat:

Gluten free certified, hormone free, all natural products, no preservatives, no artificial flavors, no additivies, no antibiotics, low sodium, all solid meat muscles

Spend $4000/wk 8.8-5.7



Deli Ham

Buffalo Chicken

The USDA specifies and regulates hormone and antibiotic use in the meat industry and Sodexo suppliers are regulated by the USDA.   Additionally, Sodexo has agreements with regional and broadline distributors that provide hormone and antibiotic free meats.  It is up to the account/client if they want to pay for the increased costs and purchase the product.

18) Do you purchase hormone- and antibiotic-free dairy products?
[  ]  No
[ x ]  Yes. Please indicate (repeat for each product).
[  100%]  Percentage hormone- and antibiotic-free. Type of dairy product: milk
[   %]  Percentage hormone- and antibiotic-free. Type of dairy product:

Yes.  Regionally contracted dairies provide 100% antibiotic and hormone (rBGH/rBST) free fluid milk.

19) Do you purchase seafood that meets Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch guidelines or Marine Stewardship Council standards?
[  ]  No
[  x]  Yes. Please indicate.  Inland Seafood has guidelines in place.
[  75%]  Percentage purchased that meets guidelines. Please list guidelines used: a majority of the seafood is sourced from Clean Fish – all sustainable seafood

Sodexo contracts through regional and broadline distributors for seafood that provide seafood certified by the Marine Stewardship Council and the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch guidelines as well as the Aquaculture Certification Council.

20) Do you offer specifically labeled vegan entrees on a daily, weekly, or other regularly scheduled basis?
[  ]  No
[X]  Yes. Please specify number of options and the frequency with which they are offered:

Sodexo offers vegan entrees on a daily basis.  In the Bruff Commons, we provide an entire station devoted to vegan and vegetarian selections.  We utilize menu graphic software on all of our stations that indicates whether an entrée or side is vegetarian or vegan.

21) Please list and give percentages for any other sustainably produced food items you purchase that are not included above:

22) Do you purchase Fair Trade Certified coffee?
[  ]  No
[x]  Some. Please describe: Einstein’s Global Village and Tribeca Blend Coffee. PJ’s.
[  ]  All

Sodexo Commitment:

£     We will double our purchase of fairly and responsibly traded products every year until 2015.

23)  Do you purchase other Fair Trade Certified food products?
[  ]  No
[ x ]  Yes. Please indicate (repeat for each product).
[ 2%]  Percentage purchased that is Fair Trade Certified. Type of item: cocoa, chocolate and tea

24) Please indicate which of following your university-operated/contracted dining facilities offers.
[x  ]  Disposable dishware
[  ]  Only reusable dishware
[ x ]  Reusable and disposable dishware


Sodexo Sustainability Commitment:

£     We will utilize environmentally responsible equipment, products, packaging and cleaning practices at 100% of our offices, productions facilities and client’s sites by 2015.

25) If you offer disposables, please indicate materials used (check all that apply).
[  ]  Plastic or polystyrene
[x]  Postconsumer recycled content
[x]  Biodegradable/compostable
[  ]  Other
Description (optional):

Sodexo Sustainability Commitment:

£     We will utilize environmentally responsible equipment, products, packaging and cleaning practices at 100% of our offices, productions facilities and client’s sites by 2015. 

26) Do your dining facilities offer discounts or cash incentives to individuals using reusable dishware, bringing a bag, or bringing reusable containers?
[  ]  No
[ x ]  Yes. Please describe:.  For every five times a student uses china instead of disposables, a dollar is donated from dining service and proceeds the greening of Tulane.  Students are given a signature reusable cup that they can use to get discounts. The reusable cup is sold at cost for $3.00 and then the user receives a substantial discount with each use.

27) Do your dining facilities use any polystyrene products (i.e., Styrofoam)?
[x]  No
[  ]  Yes. Please describe:

28) Do your dining facilities compost preconsumer food scraps?
[ x]  No
[  ]  Yes. Please indicate the proportion of dining facilities that run preconsumer compost programs (e.g. two out of five dining facilities) and, if available, the combined annual tonnage composted.
[   %]  Proportion of dining facilities that run preconsumer compost programs.
[      ]  Annual tonnage of preconsumer compost.

We have contacted a Pig farmer who will begin collecting food waste in August 09. 

At Tulane University, we plan to participate in a composting program in late Fall 09.  When a composting program becomes available, Sodexo accounts will donate food products for composting.   Due to the newness of compost devices, we are currently researching the most beneficial compost device to insure a sustainable operation and offer a learning opportunity for our students and staff.

29) Do your dining facilities compost postconsumer food scraps?
[x]  No
[  ]  Yes. Please indicate the proportion of dining facilities that run postconsumer compost programs (e.g. two out of five dining facilities) and, if available, the combined annual tonnage composted.
[   %]  Proportion of dining facilities that run postconsumer compost programs.
[      ]  Annual tonnage of postconsumer compost.

Fall 09

30) Do your dining facilities donate excess food to a food bank, soup kitchen, or shelter, etc.?
[  ]  No
[x]  Yes. Please describe: Second Harvest Food Bank, Feeding America, Ronald McDonald House, Campus Kitchens, training kitchen (name)

31) Do your dining facilities have a trayless dining program?
[  ]  No
[ x ]  Sometimes--on specific days, on certain occasions, or in specific locations. Please describe: Bruff Commons is trayless.  Trays are only available to those with disabilities at customer request.  We have removed ALL trays from our resident dining hall.  Research conducted by Sodexo accounts demonstrate that removing trays creates a reduction in food waste by one ounce per person saves ¼ gallon of water per tray.   There is also saving in natural gas and energy to operate the dish machine to wash trays as well as fewer chemicals that enter the waste water stream.

[  ]  Yes--standard practice. Please describe program including date started and, if available, data on reduced food waste or water consumption:

32) Please tell us about any other steps your dining facilities have taken to reduce waste (e.g., food waste auditing, recycling used cooking oil for biodiesel production):

33) Please indicate which traditional materials your dining facilities recycle (check all that apply).

[  ]  None
[ x ]  Aluminum
[ x ]  Cardboard
[   ]  Glass: glass recycling is not regularly available in NOLA at this time.
[ x ]  Paper
[  ]  Plastics (all)
[ x ]  Plastics (some)
[ x ]  Other. Please list: Cooking Oil donated to be turned into biodiesel – Hamilton’s co.  Plans for coffee grounds to facilities F2009

This number is available through University Facilities Department that handles the recycling/waste diversion. Since Sodexo does not handle the waste removal and recycling, we can not calculate the information.  Tulane University brings recyclables to Republic Services.

34) Are recycling receptacles located throughout dining locations?
[  ]  No
[x]  Yes. Please describe: Plastic bottle and aluminum can recycling is available in the dining areas.

35) What is the dining services' current waste-diversion rate (the percentage of recyclable waste diverted from traditional disposal)?
[       %]  cannot give an actual number at this time, but this fall 09 we will be starting an Eco Rep program where students will motivate others to actively recycle through contests and incentives.  We will be featuring all of our sustainability initiatives, vendor partners and products at our Go Green event October 22 nd , 2009.

Questions 36-37 are for informational purposes only; responses will NOT be included in the Report Card evaluation process
36) Indicate if your dining services are:
[x]  Contracted. Please describe: Sodexo Campus Services
[  ]  School operated. Please describe:
[  ]  Other. Please describe:

Sodexo, Inc. ( www.sodexoUSA.com ) is a leading integrated facilities management services company in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, with $7.7 billion (USD) in annual revenue and 120,000 employees. Sodexo serves more than ten million customers daily in corporations, health care, long term care and retirement centers, schools, college campuses, government, and remote sites. Sodexo, Inc., headquartered in Gaithersburg, Md., is a member of Sodexo Group, and funds all administrative costs for the Sodexo Foundation ( www.sodexofoundation.org ), an independent charitable organization that, since its founding in 1999, has made more than $11 million in grants to fight hunger in America.

37) Is the dining services director, or another dining services staff person, a member of any campus-wide environmental/sustainability initiatives or committees at your school?
[  ]  No
[x]  Yes. Please describe: Rob Hailey sits on the Climate Commitment Advisory Committee.  Jeanne Charlebois, District Marketing Manager sits on the university wide recycling education committee, sits on the university-wide recycling planning committee and is also the Sustainability Champion for Sodexo and is a member of SEED.


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