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Report Card 2011

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Green Building



The Green Building category looks at schools' practices in building and maintaining campus infrastructure more sustainably. This includes:


  • Committing to a sustainable design standard in new construction, renovations, and maintenance.
  • Constructing buildings to green building standards like the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system, the Energy Star building labeling system, and the Green Globes assessment system.
  • Renovating and repurposing older buildings, rather than demolishing them and building new structures.
  • Replacing appliances or fixtures in multiple buildings with newer models, which can save significant quantities of energy and water.


Key Findings

  • More than half of the schools have green building projects.   A notable 57 percent of the schools have at least one LEED-certified green building or are in the process of constructing one.


  • Over three-quarters of the schools have adopted green building policies. An impressive 79 percent of schools have adopted campus-wide green building policies that specify certain minimum performance levels such as achieving LEED certification on new construction. 


  • Less than one in twelve schools have achieved Energy Star building certification.  Only 24 schools report having at least one Energy Star-certified building.


  • The average grade for the green building category is B.   For a summary of grade distribution for this category, please refer to the chart on the right.



                                                                            Leading by Example


Grade Breakdown

79 percent of schools have adopted green building policies.
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