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Report Card 2011

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Butler University
College Sustainability Report Card 2011

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Butler University

School details:

Endowment: $113 million as of June 30, 2009

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana


Campus Survey: No

Dining Survey: No

Endowment Survey: No

Student Survey: Yes (see response)


Please note: This school did not respond to any of the three administrator surveys. The data used for both the profile and grading was compiled from independent research. For more information on data collection and evaluation, please see the Methodology section.  


Please note: Data was collected in summer 2010 and may no longer be current.


Data compiled from survey responses, when available, and from independent research, when needed. For more information on data collection and evaluation, please see the  Methodology section.

Overall grade  
C -
Butler University's Sustainability Advisory Council, which includes administrators, faculty, staff, and students, has organized movie screenings, speakers, and workshops addressing sustainability matters. The council has also successfully campaigned for the purchase of green power. All appliances purchased for the campus are Energy Star certified, and all cleaning products are environmentally friendly.
Butler has installed high-efficiency boilers and has upgraded HVAC systems. A central chilled water loop system with decentralized equipment maximizes efficiency during times when the cooling system is not heavily used. To conserve electricity, the university is replacing incandescent lights with high-efficiency T-5 fluorescent bulbs. Butler purchases 10 percent of its electricity from renewable sources.
Butler's produce distributor buys local items when possible. Locally produced bread and milk are served on campus, and seafood is purchased according to sustainability guidelines. The dining halls are trayless, and biodegradable trash can liners are used. A donation program at the end of the year diverts unwanted goods from the waste stream.
A formal green building policy guides new construction projects at Butler, and the new addition to the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences building is LEED Gold certified. One other building on campus meets LEED Certified-level criteria but is not certified. Water conservation technologies, such as low-flow faucets and showerheads, have been installed around campus, and the university uses retention ponds for stormwater management.
The Environmental Concerns Organization worked on a number of sustainability initiatives, including Earth Week programming, an end-of-year donation program, river clean-ups, and promoting sustainability in the dining halls. Students participate in the RecycleMania competition each year with the goal of waste reduction and recycling awareness. Butler offers eight student jobs related to sustainability.
The campus fleet includes one electric and one flex-fuel vehicle. Campus security officers ride in electric vehicles, and campus police ride bicycles. Free shuttles are available to shopping malls and, on weekends, to additional destinations. To encourage walking and biking, major vehicle roads have been removed from the center of campus, and bike racks have been installed.
A list of all endowment holdings is made available to trustees at the investment office. The university does not make its shareholder voting record public.
The university aims to optimize investment returns and is currently invested in renewable energy funds.
The university asks that its investment managers handle the details of proxy voting.
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