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Report Card 2011

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Gallaudet University
College Sustainability Report Card 2011

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Gallaudet University

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Endowment: $136 million as of June 30, 2009

Location: Washington, District of Columbia


Campus Survey: No

Dining Survey: Yes (see response)

Endowment Survey: No

Student Survey: Yes (see response)


Please note: Data was collected in summer 2010 and may no longer be current.


Data compiled from survey responses, when available, and from independent research, when needed. For more information on data collection and evaluation, please see the  Methodology section.

Overall grade  
D -
A committee of faculty, staff, and students has been formed to assess the feasibility of Gallaudet joining the Presidents' Climate Commitment. The university has shifted to electronic distribution for one of its major publications.
The university participates in an energy conservation program run by a utility and went carbon neutral for the duration of Earth Day in 2010. The administration is working to develop a greenhouse gas emissions inventory. Energy efficiency improvements are expected to save the university $500,000 in fiscal year 2010. A recent energy audit by Johnson Controls, which revealed $2 million worth of potential annual savings in energy efficiency improvements, is now under review by the administration.
Dining services spends 7 percent of its food budget on local products, including produce, meat, and seafood. The majority of eggs served on campus are cage free, and most chicken and milk is hormone and antibiotic free. In order to reduce waste, used cooking oil is recycled for biodiesel production; discounts are offered to students who use reusable bags; and almost all meals are trayless. Fair trade coffee is available at all campus locations. Dining services has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent over the next three years and has set aside a Low Carbon Diet Day in support of Earth Day, pledging to use all low carbon impact foods.
Gallaudet maintains one building that meets LEED criteria. The university only uses 100 percent organic fertilizers, and 20,000 used tires were used to create the turf of a new football field. Most cleaning products used in campus buildings are Green Seal approved.
An environmental intern works with the administration to address sustainability issues on campus. The environmental student organization Green Gallaudet has worked on a number of initiatives, including hosting Earth Day activities and a climate change awareness event, as well as raising awareness on sustainability improvements in the dining hall. The student government committed to using exclusively biodegradable dishware for all sponsored events on campus, and the student newsletter hosts a green column to spotlight environmental issues.
The university partners with a car-sharing program, and a free shuttle service provides transportation to local, off-campus destinations.
The university has no known policy of disclosure of endowment holdings or its shareholder voting record.
The university aims to optimize investment returns and has not made any public statements about exploring or investing the endowment in on-campus sustainability projects, renewable energy funds, or community development loan funds.
The university has not made any public statements about active ownership or a proxy voting policy.
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