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Report Card 2011

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University of South Alabama
College Sustainability Report Card 2011

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Courtesy of University of South Alabama

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Endowment: $95 million as of June 30, 2009

Location: Mobile, Alabama


Campus Survey: No

Dining Survey: Yes (see response)

Endowment Survey: No

Student Survey: No


Please note: Data was collected in summer 2010 and may no longer be current.


Data compiled from survey responses, when available, and from independent research, when needed. For more information on data collection and evaluation, please see the  Methodology section.

Overall grade  
D +
The Faculty Senate Environmental Quality Committee at the University of South Alabama explores ways to improve recycling on campus, curb the university's resource use, and address the environmental impact of campus buildings. The Sustainability Council is open to all interested students, faculty and staff. Members work to nurture the long-term quality and regenerative capacity of the environmental system.
The university uses LED lighting and other high efficiency lighting in most campus buildings. The campus has expanded the central energy plant for chilled and hot water. All buildings are on modern control systems and are centrally monitored.
The university spends approximately 25 percent of its food budget on local items, including vegetables and milk, and also purchases some organic sauces. All milk served in cartons on campus is hormone and antibiotic free, and some fair trade coffee is available. USA has made an effort to reduce the use of trays, offers a discount on beverages with the use of a reusable mug, and recycles used cooking oil for biodiesel production. Cardboard, paper, and some plastics are collected for recycling in the dining halls.
USA has formal guidelines for green standards for all new buildings. Two buildings, the Central Student Dining Hall and Shelby Hall, are currently under construction and are on target to be LEED certified in 2011. The university has developed a green parking lot for stormwater management.
A chapter of the Sierra Student Coalition is active on campus. Students also participate in coastal and campus clean-ups through the Campus Recreation department and the Center for Service Learning and environmentally friendly activities are encouraged through outdoor adventure trips.
Significant funds have been invested in developing and maintaining a shuttle system of trams and buses to transport students around campus in order to reduce traffic. USA is being designed as a pedestrian-friendly campus with the addition of sidewalks, green spaces, and a tram system with passenger shelters.
The University of South Alabama Foundation makes asset allocation information available to the general public through meetings and a web site.
The foundation aims to optimize investment returns and is currently invested and exploring additional investment in renewable energy funds.
The foundation has not made any public statements about active ownership or a proxy voting policy.
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