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Webinar Series

Beyond Grades: The College Sustainability Webinar Series


From January to April 2010, the Sustainable Endowments Institute will present Beyond Grades, a free series of eight webinars (online seminars).   The goal is to encourage sharing knowledge in order to advance sustainability in campus operations and endowment practices.

Each webinar in the  Beyond Grades series focuses on one or two of the main  College Sustainability Report Card  categories, and will include:

·      Detailed information and trends from Report Card 2010  research findings

·      Presentations from a panel of knowledgeable speakers

·      An interactive question and answer session.


Webinar panelists include sustainability professionals and representatives from a geographically and financially diverse range of colleges and universities at various stages of sustainability efforts. The panelists will share their professional and personal insights into how administrators, staff, faculty and students are working to build sustainable campus communities. 


We invite you to share your own stories and to ask questions about Report Card findings or other topics related to sustainability in higher education.


 We welcome participation by anyone seeking to:

·      Create or improve sustainability policies and operational practices

·      Implement behavioral change programs

·      Learn from others' experiences in achieving campus sustainability goals.

Attendance is especially encouraged for college and university administrators, sustainability staff, and others engaged in institutional sustainability efforts, such as planning, energy management, transportation, dining services, waste reduction, investments, and development.


Registration for all  Beyond Grades  webinars is FREE and open to the public.  Register now  and you will receive an email confirming your registration and containing detailed information about accessing the webinar.


Select one or more of the following categories for updated dates and details:



Climate Change & Energy 

Food & Recycling

Green Building

Investment Priorities

Endowment Transparency & Shareholder Engagement

Student Involvement






January 20, 2010


Lyndsey Agans     Chair, Sustainability Council and Clinical Assistant Professor in Higher

                                Education at University of Denver

                                  Download Presentation (PDF)  

Lynda Butler           Co-Chair, Committee on Sustainability and Chancellor Professor of Law,

                                College of William & Mary

                                 Download Presentation (PDF)

Dennis Taylor        Co-Chair, Committee on Sustainability and Professor of Biological

                                Sciences at College of William & Mary 


Harold Glasser      Chair, President's Universitywide Sustainability Committee and

                                Associate Professor, Environmental Studies Program at Western

                                Michigan University

                                 Download Presentation (PDF)  

Mark Orlowski
      Founder and Executive Director, Sustainable Endowments Institute
Download Presentation (PDF)


Learn from experienced college and university administrators and faculty about creating comprehensive sustainability policies, running successful sustainability committees, making fast strides with new campus sustainability efforts and more. Discover more detailed information and trends from in  Report Card 2010  research findings related to the six indicators in the Administration  category.


Climate Change & Energy - Watch This Webinar Now

February 3, 2010


Jack Byrne             Director, Sustainability Integration Office, Middlebury College

                                   Download Presentation (PDF)  

Sonia Marcus        Sustainability Coordinator, Ohio University

                                  Download Presentation (PDF)  

Linda Riley             Energy Analyst, Oregon Institute of Technology

                                  Download Presentation (PDF)  

Mark Orlowski     Founder and Executive Director, Sustainable Endowments Institute
                                   Download Presentation (PDF)  


Interact with our panelists as they share knowledge about setting and achieving ambitious greenhouse-gas-emissions reduction goals at schools with all budget levels, organizing creative energy conservation programs, and more. Learn more about  Report Card 2010  research findings related to the eight indicators in the  Climate Change & Energy category. 


Food & Recycling - Watch This Webinar Now

February 17, 2010


Roger Guzowski      Five College Recycling Manager, Five Colleges 

                                      Download Presentation (PDF)  

Eric Montell                Executive Director, Stanford Dining, Stanford University
                                      Download Presentation (PDF)  


Norman Zwagil        General Manager, Bon Appetit Management Company at

                                   Goucher College
                                     Download Presentation (PDF)  


Mark Orlowski         Founder and Executive Director, Sustainable Endowments Institute
                                      Download Presentation (PDF)  


Join our panel in discussions about reaching ambitious goals for sourcing sustainably-produced foods in institutional dining facilities, cultivating relationships with local farmers, coordinating comprehensive recycling and composting programs, achieving high waste diversion rates and more. Hear additional  Report Card 2010  research findings related to the nine indicators in the  Food & Recycling  category.  


Green Building  - Watch This Webinar Now

March 3, 2010


Larry Eisenberg            Executive Director, Los Angeles Community College District

                                        Facilities Planning and Development
Download Presentation (PDF)  

Jamie Van Mourik      Higher Education Sector Manager, US Green Building Council

                                        Download Presentation (PDF)  

Mark Orlowski             Founder and Executive Director, Sustainable Endowments Institute
                                       Download Presentation (PDF)  


Many schools are building their sustainability efforts from the ground up... literally. Be a part of a conversation about creating campus green building policies, undertaking extensive campus retrofits for energy efficiency and water conservation, meeting green building standards and achieving certifications such as LEED. Learn more about  Report Card 2010  research findings related to the three indicators in the  Green Building category.


Investment Priorities - Watch This Webinar Now

March 17, 2010


Annette Parker         Vice President and Treasurer, Dickinson College

                                     Download Presentation (PDF)

Richard Smith          Vice President of Financial Affairs, Earlham College

                                     Download Presentation (PDF)

Mark Orlowski         Founder and Executive Director, Sustainable Endowments Institute

                                     Download Presentation (PDF)


Learn how colleges and universities invest endowment funds in-line with their commitments to environmental stewardship and social responsibility. Discover the financial, social and environmental benefits of investing in renewable energy funds and community development loan funds and other sustainability-related ventures. Hear more  Report Card 2010  research findings related to the Investment Priorities  category.


Endowment Transparency & Shareholder Engagement

March 31, 2010

1:30-2:30pm EST


Allegra Lubrano      Chair of the Advisory Committee on Investor Responsibility

                                  Dartmouth College

Micaela Klein          Student Representative, Advisory Committee on Investor Responsibility

                                  Dartmouth College

Dan Apfel                 Executive Director

                                  Responsible Endowments Coalition

Mark Orlowski        Founder and Executive Director

                                  Sustainable Endowments Institute



Universities are substantial investors, therefore they can be influential in improving corporate policies. Learn how colleges and universities are increasingly making efforts to involve campus community members as active shareholders by making information available about their endowment holdings and forming multi-stakeholder committees to vote on and draft shareholder resolutions.  Hear more  Report Card 2010  research findings related to the Endowment Transparency and Shareholder Engagement  categories.


Student Involvement

April 14, 2010

1:30-2:30pm EST


Dave Newport                                Sustainability Director,

                                                        University of Colorado - Boulder

Dan Omasta                                   Student Sustainability Coordinator,

                                                        University of Colorado - Boulder

Jessica Dervin-Ackerman         Director of Sustainability Initiatives, 

                                                        Student Government  Association, Northeastern University

Mark Orlowski                               Founder and Executive Director,

                                                        Sustainable Endowments Institute


Sustainability efforts at many schools start with students. Hear from student leaders and campus sustainability staff about successfully engaging the student body to create a culture of sustainability on campus by promoting sustainable campus policies and operational practices, and encouraging behavioral change among campus community members. Discover how paid student interns can be at the heart of campus sustainability offices. Learn about the SEI's new Student Survey and Report Card 2010  research findings related to the Student Involvement  category.



April 28, 2010

1:30-2:30pm EST


Steve Sanders                      Campus Bicycle Coordinator

                                                University of Minnesota


Maren Stumme-Diers        Assistant Sustainability Coordinator

                                               Luther College


Mark Orlowski                      Founder and Executive Director

                                               Sustainable Endowments Institute


Interact with our panelists as they discuss creating successful bike-sharing programs, supporting public transportation routes on and around campus, and providing incentives for students and staff to walk, bike, ride the bus or carpool to campus. Learn how campus fleets have been adjusted to be more fuel efficient, and more. Hear more detailed information and recent trends found in  Report Card 2010  research related to the  Transportation  category. 


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